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We thrive on Helping customers with there Horses. whether it's training or teaching were excited on every job we go to because we know we can teach a new customer and new horse something new and they will be better in the end.Our trainer Josh Feemster has been in the horse industry for 10 years and has been training and Teaching horses the Natural Horsemanship method and he gets the same result every time which is Respect-Trust-Love.We are a Traveling Equine Training service to help customers in need when they have numerous  problems that include Trailer loading,bucking,aggressive,spooky,saddling issues,round penning,starting horses under saddle,ground work and he also barrel,calf and team rope trains for rodeo events,and Trains mini's for pulling a cart. and much more if you have a horse problem Horseman Josh Feemster can tackle it.Here at Southern Horsemanship we also provide Horsemanship and Riding lessons to make you a better Horseman or Horsewoman and a better rider.For pricing on our Programs and lessons please check the training program and lesson link at the top of the page.

                                                        if your interested in one of our Training programs or lessons

                                                         please contact us at 256-479-5086 to set up an appointment