Equine Trainer Josh Feemster

Josh Feemster was born in Huntsville,Alabama and very proudly raised in Gurley,Alabama. He has been around the Equine world nearly all of his life. From Trail Riding to Team roping to Show Horses he has seen it all. Josh Feemster has been studying Natrual Horsemanship going on 5 years now and thinks it's the only way to Train a horse. Josh Feemster is an avid calf roper and Team Roper and loves working cattle from Horse back. When he trains his calf horse or team roping horse he uses Natrual Horsemanship and he loves to teach people the correct way Horses should be treated. Josh Feemster's passion for horses is incredible as he says he goes to bed thinking about a horse and wakes up thinking about a horse and all though out the day thinking about horses.